Early DNA Gender + Optional Heartbeat

Find Out Boy or Girl as Early as 8 Weeks and See Your Baby Too!

1 Hour |  $149

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Early Gender DNA Determination & Optional Baby’s First Heartbeat Deluxe Experience from 8-12 weeks. With our new Early Gender DNA Determination & First Heartbeat Deluxe Package you are able to find out your baby’s gender as early as 8 weeks. You will meet with a licensed phlebotomist for your DNA blood draw right here in the comfort of our office and then immediately be able to enjoy seeing your baby moving and hear your baby’s heartbeat with our top of the line ultrasound equipment for only $30.


A licensed phlebotomist will be scheduled to come out to our location to obtain DNA sample - in order for us to arrange for our phlebotomist to be present, please call our office at (617) 505-1018 to schedule your appointment.


- Gender results provided by phone – RESULTS IN JUST 1 DAY! 


Optional Heartbeat Ultrasound Experience ONLY $30

- 5-10 Minute 2D Ultrasound Experience

- 4+ Black and white pictures of your baby

- FREE Live online video access for unlimited friends and family members (upon request)


BONUS $20 CREDIT towards any of our Gender Reveal experiences to have a visual confirmation as early as 14 weeks in your pregnancy or towards a 3D/4D/HD Experience later in your pregnancy.


Optional – $30 We will give you a gender reveal box with a pink or blue HeartBeat animal gift-wrapped in gender neutral wrapping paper. Open the gift at your Gender Reveal Party and find out boy or girl.


Optional – Add a Digital Recording of your ultrasound session set to music or add all digital images for printing and uploading for only $10!


If you are planning to take advantage of the Pregnancy Journey Experience you may add on this Early Gender DNA Determination to your package for only $119 and as early as 8 weeks